This right here has been such a big topic in my circles, it has broken friendships. Matter of fact anything to do with the church is a very tricky topic. We have been warned not to have sex before marriage in so many ways in our African homes and one that stays a topic in the church is that of soul ties. I for one try so hard to stay away from these but a very good friend came forth and challenged me with this topic, S/O to Stringz.. So walk with me here.. ‘They were friends, real good friends


TIP: FOUND A ROUTINE? KEEP IT.. CONSISTENCY IS KEY.. I chose to go all natural because I wanted a different look. I had worn weaves for 20 years. I also saw how the women around me were embracing their natural look, it inspired me because it gave them a fresh new and young look that i wanted. I love the different cuts that are trending, I go for the funky look with color. It’s been 4 years now and there isn’t a day I have regretted going natural. I feel like an African Queen daily!! TIP: KEEP


For many fellas out there their beard has become nothing but just a trend, a way to get attention from ladies because we love stro…. I digress. My point is that really we have to at least have some sort of value for the gift that is our rich hair and beards. If you don’t agree then bye, we are not counting you as one of our own anymore. We are done! I kid, stay here and get some inspiration from Kudzai Mureriwa, he says… ‘At some point years later I decided to keep what I used to call, “THE WIN


Welcome to day 3, I am emotional already because this book did the things to me this year. I could not put it down yet I could not stand half the things that were happening in this book. Let me go straight to the point Kambili’s father enraged me! This man was such a hypocrite. He was a wealthy man, a big giver which by the way my Pastor says wealth is acquired through giving in the house of GOD. Never by prayer, just a lesson over here. Anyway, back to the book, with the elite status this man


I am not sure if this book made it to this list because wine or nah. Nevertheless it is our Day 4 winner! I struggled to pick amongst three books, Around the way girl by Taraji P Henson,  This is just my face by Gabourey Sidibe and We are going to need more wine by Gabrielle Union. I will tell you why I chose this book. Gabrielle’s book had so many jewels in it but I believe  a book is not a book until it hits home. There is a chapter where she speaks on how she was sexually assaulted. I can no


Many of us have lost someone very close to us, if not everyone. That experience is a very difficult one to get past and deal with. We get up and continue with life because what choice do we have, but our minds never really stop going back to memories built with that person. Simple things could trigger thoughts about them, someone wearing their perfume or a joke you know they would have laughed at until they cried. I lost both my parents in the same year, one after the other. Tragic they say, I s


Hi, I hope I find you well. My name is Nobuhle and I am just another African child who needs you to hear me out. Depression is not a curse, so if your child comes forth and says they are depressed it is not a joke. They are not just seeking attention, they need help. Whilst it is ok to say a prayer for them it is also a need for you to listen and understand what they are feeling. If you are a terrible listener please find a therapist to help them, these are not white people solutions these are

MINEstiched by Kudzai Zinyengerere – uBu

I am such a lover of all good things including fashion, reasons why I studied it too. For every time I see a designer put in work and create unique and beautiful pieces my heart pounds twice as much as it should. Each piece telling a different story, stitch by stitch. Before I get carried away I am here to share Kudzai’s story, shall we? ” I am Kudzai Zinyengere a Zimbabwean self taught designer based in Cape Town. I founded MINEstitched in 2015 with the goal to tell my story as well as give ot